Thursday, September 21, 2017

Summer scenes

It was a really great summer for us. The kids and I swam often, we hung out with friends, got a couple of boat days. 

 We built Legos and went shirtless
 We had girl days and painted our nails

 Fourth of July was fun, tailgating while waiting for the fireworks and patriotic parades

 We watched Murphy continue to eat the deck

 I only have two pictures from swim lessons.  Emily didn't take lessons this year. 
 We ate Gelato
 Enjoyed outdoor concerts
 Mustaches and Lemonade stands

 Made and consumed lemonade pie
 And read some more

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Luray, VA and Cooter's Last Stand

Summer vacation here we come.  Last minute Robert thought we should get a head start and not drive 16 hours in one day, so we packed up Thursday (em's birthday) and pushed the van past Chicago, pricelined a hotel and spent the night.  Got up early and started in on the rest of the long drive. 
It was a long drive, mostly because we had to stop A LOT.  Dallas was having digestive issues.  He had experienced the weekend before, and Emily and Noelle also had this little bug.  The poor guy!

We spotted our first Charger in Pennsylvania, it was filled with three grown men and had Wisconsin license plates.
I drove almost the entire Ohio Turnpike.  This is a big deal.  Robert is not a great passenger and prefers driving, but he had work to do, so climbed in the back and worked on his computer. I don't think he liked it, but I had fun driving at least 3-4 hours. It was easy since we were on a toll road, I popped in my earbuds and started an audio book.  I listened to My Lady Jane, I would recommend it. I also read Wild and Free, A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, Fever 1793, Garden Spells, 100 Cupboards, The Summer I Turned Pretty.  Most of these were books Em will read for school this year, I was getting a jump on them so I'll have them read.  I am grateful I can mostly read in the car and not get sick.

I searched high and low for a cabin with a hot tub.  It was the best. 

Picture with Cooter's Truck
In front of the museum
Hundred's of Dodge Chargers at $40,000-$100,000 makes for a very expensive field
The weather wasn't the great. It rained a couple days straight prior to the event.  Most of "Last Stand" took place in a field near the museum. This equates to a very messy event.  City dump trucks were hauling in gravel all morning helping to create paths that were not completely mud.
Sitting in a Charger is priceless

Robert was in his element! He met his good friend Justin Cornette- who is a rock star in this "world". Walking around with a good friend talking about Dukes of Hazzard and '69 Chargers is heaven.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sleepy kids

Mostly Noelle sleeps, but got a couple of those other kids that live here.  When do you stop being in awe of a sleepy kid. 
 Em's bed was in great chaos when I went to wake her. She starts with all those animals on her bed.

A picture from our last field trip, pond study at McFarland Park
I got a new van, and Robert left a bow on the windshield for me
Rare sighting, the dog on the carpet
A first, the dog in water. He had no idea what to think of it, it was a hot walk around the lake and i thought he would like a drink, but he wouldn't go close. I pushed him in ankle deep. I think he liked it.
Last day of school celebration

Sunday, July 9, 2017

June 2017 recap

 We had Zip up for the first weekend in June. He helped the Chevelle door close without chipping off more paint.  It was so fun to see his magic touch. I don't think Robert or him left the garage all weekend besides a run to the parts store, but we were glad to host, and show him a bit of central Iowa. And so thankful he came here on an airplane and the Chevelle did not have to travel to Florida this time.
 Dallas went to his first sports camp. He attended a one day camp put on by former ISU player Naz Long. Dallas was enamored, and I think he learned some shooting tips.  He also had Naz sign that ISU BB shirt he is wearing in the picture and he has not let me wash it since.  I think it was 3 sweat sessions dirty prior to it being signed.  hashtag boys
 Noelle still gets quite occupied with chalk and the sandbox.  I am grateful to give her a slow childhood and summer to be a kid.
 "Caption this"
 We headed East one weekend to help my only living grandparent celebrate her birthday.
 When we returned to Ames we met Aaron and they took off in the Chevelle for the Hot Rod Power Tour.  They picked up the parade in Newton and drove a couple days and came home with "dad tans" and 5 lbs lighter from dehydration. It was the hottest couple days yet.
 Robert spent his birthday with me! We had nana up to watch the kids, hightailed it to Omaha, changed into dress clothes in a sandwich shop bathroom and hit Darren Johnson's (first TMCP employee) wedding.  It was so fun.  We felt like the odd couple out on the dance floor.  We were about the only people who fell between the bulk of recent college grads and then people their parents age, a bit younger than our parents.  We would dance a song, then another would come on and there was all this "shaking" and it just felt like we were old, and wow! Also got to stay with some good friends in Omaha, just a lovely 24 hours.  We got off the interstate once into Iowa and took the slow roads into Ames.
 Home from Omaha for a couple hours, we packed up this girl, drove back West and dropped her off for a week a camp. She was so excited and had a great time.
 These guys however have a kill or love relationship when Emily is not around to be the buffer. These dollar store mustaches helped diffuse one fight.
While Em was at camp, Robert was in Mississippi for work, I fenced off this little corner of the yard. I caught Murphy in the act trying to eat/pull the Direct TV cable off of the siding, it runs into the house behind the air conditioner.  He love a cord and a good game of tug of war!