Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Photos from July 2016

Fireworks wonderment

 Collecting cicada exoskeletons and hanging them on your romper is perfectly normal
 Reading books in the shade of the trampoline
 dog watching
 Molar pulling (by the dentist, making room, braces prep)
 when the nine year old labels the boiled eggs
 Summer is full of ice cream opportunities, the kids figured out you can trade in the Chick-fil-a kids meal toy for a free cone
Noelle's first pedicure (my 4th or 5th..)

Birthday meal, homemade macaroni and cheese, made by Emily

 First trip to the American Girl Store, dolls Emily and Mya recieved pampering in the form of painted nails and a new hairstyle. We figured it was now or never to hit up a brick and morter store.
Hit up a Lego playplace/museum as well while we were in Kansas City

And we had dinner at Fritz's the famous burger place that you order at a phone in your booth and a train delivers your meal to the table

 Kansas City War Memorial selfie
 Visit to the TWA Museum flight attendents in Kansas City
 Fourth of July parade
 Dallas and Robert were in a local Ames magazine
 Dallas and Robert at the Newton Speedway
 Emily climbing aboard a Ford tri-motor airplane, a ride on this 88 year old airplane was one of her birthday presents.
 Picture with the Ford tri-motor at the Oshkosh Air Show
 Fighter Pilot
 Her favorite thing ever, riding on a carousel.  This one was a two story carousel in a mall in KC
Photo op with a DC-9 TWA airplane in Kansas City


I am so behind with this little blogging gig.

We are well into school, we have had 6 weeks of Classical Conversations and will have this Monday off for a Fall Break.  Other stuff will still get done around here though, no school outside the house can equal more school here.
Emily is working hard on memorizing all of the CC content, she is thinking about testing for Memory Master in the Spring, which would require repeating all memory work to three people with no mistakes.  She is taking piano lessons and started band at school.  Soccer was her sport of choice this Fall.  Her good friend was playing and she really wanted to try it as well.  Trying soccer in Ames for the first time at age 10 is no joke.  People love their soccer around here and have been playing since age 3 or 4 (not an exageration).  She really loves it.  Her rule following and natural bent for not being aggressive doesn't exactly work in her favor, but she tries hard and has a blast, and we are enjoying watching her do something she loves.  She often has soccer four times a week if she has two games scheduled so we have spent a bunch of time on the soccer field. Dallas and Noelle have made good friends of other siblings and they have a couple nice climbing trees and a playground near.

Dallas is still a Lego building machine.  He can build any type of vehicle and often whips out a prototype after we have seen or learned about an auto or airplane. Getting school done is a challenge for him as he would rather be doing something else like drawing or building.  He is reading better each day, but still doesn't love it. He has already had two colds this Fall.  He is still our kid that feels all the feels and does so to the extreme.  His fits are intense when he feels wronged! On the flip side he loves BIG! His favorite food right now are homemade Jimmy Johns roast beef sandwiches and broccoli cheese soup.  Dallas is playing flag football through an Upwards League that our church hosts.  He is a great passer and often plays quarterback and his receivers get touchdowns.  He is still working on catching well "all the time".  Robert says he can, but he likes to add so much flair to his catching, like jumping, spinning, falling, and leaping that it makes it much harder for him to catch.  If he simply catches it without all the other stuff he does well.

Noelle is still living the musical life. She talks and sings and hums constantly.  Always with the words, words, words.  She is an hummer eater. She dances around, and now adds cheering to her repitorie.  She has been participating in Upwards Cheer leading this Fall.  She really likes the practice and and wearing the uniform. I think the games are a little boring until they get to half-time and get to perform their dance.  They always cheer for the 1:00 pm game so often she does not know many of the players so paying attention is out the window.  There is a lot of picking grass! She still loves digging for worms, playing in the sandbox and jumping on the trampoline.  Jumping in the pool was her favorite in August.
I noticed a lot of hair clumps around her bed the last bit of summer, it took me a while to figure out she was pulling it out.  Having three girls with longish hair in the house does make for some tumble weeds of hair on the carpet especially if we are lazy with the vaccum. At one point in early September i realized her hair was really thin on one side and kind of put it all together.  People- parenting is hard! and don't google hair pulling! We headed to the doctor to rule out some issues like low thyroid (she had to have blood taken and all of McFarland Clinic knew about it!) Thyroid checked out normal, so we were sent to a dermatologist. Scalp was deemed healthy.  He said it was not likely a stress/anxiety issue because of her age. He prescribed a special shampoo, and made sure Noelle new it was only for her and super special (make her feel good). I stratagized with my hair stylist.  I ordered her a satin pillow, got some detangler spray and she has been wearing mittens to bed on her hands for the last 25 days.  I think we have turned the corner! She is/was defiantly doing it in her sleep - we had never witnessed it during the day.  I watched her one night when she was sick and sleeping restlessly and she was rubbing her hair a ton with her mittens on.  I wonder if she had a scalp thing this summer from a lake or pool and it became itchy.  She told me she doesn't like the clumps of hair at night so she pulls them out.

Seriously parenting is hard.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good Guys 2016

It is our Fourth of July tradition to spend the weekend in Des Moines at the Good Guys car show.  
We get to see cousins, eat junk food, watch Robert autocross the Chevelle, and look but not touch many cars!

 This might be our Christmas card this year
Lots of friends usually end up finding Robert.  Aaron got to tag-a-long in the Chevelle.  The Chevelle's builder came out from New Mexico to spend the weekend from us, he got to drive!

We always stop to see the Shriner Clowns.  They tell the best jokes and can make anything out of balloons. 

Dallas liked this car the best

Uncle Mark gets the best spots to park his car.  He has to get in line at 4:00 am but the best spot! We love stopping by for a rest. 

This is the result of my kid eating crappier food than our normal diet for two days straight!

Grandpa Dallas 75th birthday

Grandpa Dallas birthday ended up being on a Tuesday.  At Windsor Oaks they celebrate all the month's birthday on the 2nd Tuesday at a special coffee gathering.  We decided to make a surprise visit with some cookies to share with the group. 
Little kids are always a hit around Windsor Oaks. 
I sat near a lady that clearly wanted to gossip! She kept asking me questions about my family and Dallas, prying.  Then she would jab and I mean jab her husband with her cane to repeat something I had said, he clearly had his hearing aids turned off!  

 Noelle enjoying second breakfast full of sweets.
 Robert brought birthday balloons from HyVee
 Tuesday night we gathered to eat Chinese birthday dinner.  Its so fun to sit at the big round table with the glass lazy susan.  My kids love pouring themselves cup after cup of tea (I always mean to ask if it is decaf!) and then spin the center to pass the tea pot to the next person.  We figured out they really like the chicken fried rice too!

Post dinner angel food cake made by Emily.  FROM SCRATCH.  We borrowed a pan from the neighbors.  Did you know that angel food cake has 10 egg whites in it! The recipe said it would absolutely not work well if you got any yolk in there, so in all I think we burned through 15 eggs getting 10 clean whites.  It was yummy and worth it.

Schools out for my mom!

My siblings and I put together a little shindig to celebrate my mom.  She was retiring from a lot of years teaching and as a bonus it was also her birthday!  I don't think she really wanted a party, but we did this for our Dad and Barb and it seemed like we should force it on her to enjoy the moment.

 The venue was the Lake Keomah Lodge in Oskaloosa.  It is a nice place to host a party when it is not 100 degrees! 
 I borrowed a chocolate fountain.  I thought it would be a fun and interactive type of snack.  We had cherries, strawberries, banana and pineapple for fruit to dip.  Pretzels, marshmallows, wafer cookies and nuts. 
 She did get a couple of great gifts and some arrangements.
 And of course the school gave her a Certificate of Recognition and a bronze Indian paper weight?
 Retirement Cake
and a birthday cake

Monday, August 1, 2016

Diving into June 2016

We didn't do much diving in June, Emily was still sporting her cast for most of the month and it seemed pretty unfair to hit the pool without her.  
 Dallas and Emily both know how to look up subjects or books on the library computers and then to locate them. This leads to lots of Lego books for this guy.  This book was special since it had a Lego General Lee on one page.
 Noelle got a nice summer hair cut.
 We watched Aunt Lynne run the Dam to Dam.  We met her with signs and encouragment at miles 3, 7, 12 and the finish line.  Then she graciously let the kids loot the finsish line snacks with her.
 Robert fixed the Chevelle a lot in June.  This is my leg, being the assisant, "pump, pump, hold" brake bleeder extrodiare.  Front brakes one night, and rear brakes another!
 Homemade cards for the birthday guy!
 We dropped Emily off for a full week of camp.  

 We hit up the Des Moines Farmers market and provided some lovely background music for all to enjoy.
 We then had to cool off, it was a hot morning in Des Moines!  We love DSM
 I went to a 39th Birthday Zumba party and it was fun!.  An hour of dancing with some sweet friends.
 Dallas was able to interview NBC TV13 Sportcaster Keith Murphy while visitng with Ty Dillon and seeing his NASCAR rac car at Karl Cheverolet.
 We roasted marshmellows with friends!
 We picked Emily up from camp.  She had fun and hopes to go back next year. She wanted a picture with her counselor and junior counselor (JC)
 Celebrating Robert with BBQ Ribs
 Robert fixed more things on the Chevelle.  It seems to never be perfectly running.  We noticed a good sized oil leak from the front of the car after our date one night (we got in a special week night date with 1 kid at camp and 2 others at vacation bible school.) New oil cooler fixed the problem.
And some nice stickers were applied just in time for Good Guys.