Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Winter fun

 I co-coached this Jr. Lego League team with Robert (The MuscleCar Place was also lead sponsor!)
We were reviewed and displayed our work at the State FLL Championship at ISU. It was so neat to see what the FLL (next level) are doing with robotics. These kids did great. It is really, really, REALLY hard for a bunch or 8-9 years old boys who love Legos to build together.  Individual builds are a cake walk, but co-building is so hard! They don't know it now, but half of college work will be with teams so this is needed work. Also, the amount of "bathroom" work talk that happened in 1 hour was immense.  And they also stink... sweaty post lunch/recess basketball or football sweat mingled with I need to poop, toots are making me re-think my 1-2:00 pm time slot.

 We had Audrey for a quick little night-over.  I put her to work, making her own pizza for dinner. 
 Then Audrey and Noelle drew, while Dallas read.  
 Lynne and I went to a Sip and Craft type event at Reiman Gardens.  The craft was this alcohol based painting. We lit it on fire.  Pretty awesome. And I am impressed that it passed ISU safety standards.  Drink cocktails with ladies and they give you fire!
 Post Jr. Lego League creation. Since our season is over, we have turned our weekly meetings into club time and are building things we want!
 Lunch has turned into scenes like this.  Everyone reading while they eat.
 Oh, and have you heard.  We bought a General Lee, well, TMCP bought it. For tax and marketing purposes only.  We are not getting attached to this car! It makes Robert really happy.
 Sometimes I go out with Robert and he takes me to his office and I watch him work, while I eat the dark chocolate from the receptionists desk.
 More reading.  When he reaches 10,000 pages read we get to pick out a new game for our Nintendo.
 I won a trophy for my cooking! 
 This dog has really mellowed out the last week or so.  At first I thought maybe somebody switched out a dog for ours, then I was super concerned he was sick or something. I hope we have finally turned corner...
 This little lady has finished another homeschool book!
We have been watching some basketball every Saturday, cheering on our favorite coach (in the background) and Player #4.  I am guessing this is our last season of Upwards and Dallas will likely move on to the Ames rec league next year.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Homeschool Skate Day!

We are getting better at skating! 
It is more fun going with friends.  Dallas only fell when he wanted too. (he likes to fall). Emily is rather independent and skates off to be with her friends. Noelle still needs a bit of coaxing. The positive peer pressure and having a friendly hand to hold around the rink helps a lot.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

December 2017

 We put the Chevelle away 12 hours before the first snow, always fill up the tank before storing!
 Kids made sugar cutout cookies with ALL the sprinkles
 Enjoyed Emily's 6th Grade band concert with some Grandparents
 Received bacon for a gift from a dear friends, I have decided this is the best gift to give anyone, who doesn't want bacon?
 The girls enjoying a sundae from Hickory Park
 Emily helped Robert play in the church orchestra, she learned a couple of bell parts to help him cover the percussion 
 We went caroling at Northcrest Retirement Home
 More dessert treats, this time at the chocolate shop to celebrate well visit exams and many shots!
 Celebrated Drew's birthday party by shooting 500 nerf bullets.Best party ever.
 Christmas Eve rainbow Jello.  Have you ever seen anything more beautiful, the dear friend and the salad!
 Christmas PJ's with Christmas Bibles
 Playing our new Nintendo Switch Mario Kart game with cousins
 Bowling with cousins
Snow fort building with the neighbors.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

November happenings

 Dallas read Mr. Popper's Penguins and completed the literature dive with a diorama. This shows the scene in the theater.
 Noelle made a banana Jesus for Awana. She placed first in the Bible character category. Hers was also the only entry, and she did point out that Jesus couldn't have held a Bible (the Bible she made for her Jesus banana was open to John 3:16)
 Robert and I sometimes get a little date night in while the kids are at church on Wednesdays. It is not enough time to see a movie, and we have already eaten dinner so we often end up running an errand. This date night consisted of a cruise through Target and us making our first Christmas purchases.
 These two wanted to bake, so they made Snickerdoodles by themselves.
 This picture is from November, so pre-negative degrees. We obviously needed to tighten up the faucet. I though it was neat
 Science experiment. Used a straw, water, bottle, and play-dough to see if we could measure temperature. 
 Every little date I end up with this girl is in the chocolate shop on Main Street. She loves gelato, or the fact that they will let you try little samples of each flavor to help you decide.
 This is what is in my van after a day of private homeschool. 
 Emily and her friend got together and made some pumpkin pies to donate to Food at First for their Thanksgiving meal.
 Dallas and Noelle sharing a rare special fountain drink from Kum and Go

 GPA Dallas broke his Medial malleolus (ankle). He is not enjoying the boot, but Noelle told him to be thankful it is not a plaster cast.
 After our missed Thanksgiving due to Robert and I having influenza, he installed our new dishwasher.  Thankful for his handiness and paper plates!
 Dallas came with us to the last home football game to see the seniors off
He also drew a picture and wrote Dale Jr. a congratulatory note for retiring from NASCAR