Friday, May 12, 2017

Emily earned Memory Master

Complete parent bragging post!

See this hard working girl? She has a bunch of knowledge rolling around underneath that red hair. She memorized and verbally recited all memory work we learned this year (Cycle 2) in Classical Conversations. And verbally recited it three times. The first proof was with me and she was allowed to miss 3-4 things total, the second proof was with Robert and she had to miss less than 1-2 things, the final proof was with her tutor and she had to be perfect. It takes a little over an hour to even recite all of this information if you are really clipping along.  If you pass the tutor proof you get "spot checked" by the director of the program. Our director asked her 2 random questions from each of the 7 sections, and then she was considered a MM! We are very proud of her, this was a goal she set for herself at the beginning of the year and she worked hard to earn it. I helped a lot in the final month, but I would say this is her first self earned-self paced school project. We planned from September on what she would have to do each week to obtain this goal without binge learning the final weeks.

-160 events and people in a chronological timeline, including all of the U.S. Presidents in order
-Multiplication tables up to 15x15 (she had to say each one- 12x14= 168, common squares and cubes, basic geometry formulas and unit conversions, and the algebraic laws of addition and multiplication
-24 History sentences focusing on the period from 800 AD to the end of Apartheid
-121 Locations on the maps of Europe, Central America, Asia, and Southern Africa, including countries, mountains, bodies of water and cities (and she did it with that black and white map seen in the picture above, black and white people!, not even blue for the water)
-22 Definitions and lists of examples from English grammar, featuring objective, nominative, indefinite pronouns
-24 science facts, including Newtons laws of motion, first three law of thermodynamics, astronomy, biology, and physic facts
-Latin all the 1st conjugation endings for the six tenses (presents, imperfect, future, present perfect, pluperfect and future perfect)

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